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Musician by heart:

- One Soul: Songwrite, Vocalist and Producer
- Music-Style: Vocal-Trance & Dreamhouse

- Favourite Instrument: Keyboard / Synthis

- Music education: 7 years of Keyboard / 1 1/2 year piano
- I was never a perfectionist in playing music but creazy about creativity:
...i've never played one song exactly how it should be by sheet music !
- Played with several people in Bands as keyboarder
- Build up my first semi-professional recording studio "SubTune" with 3 friends
- With "SubTune" we worked with several actors and vocalists for many years.
- After "SubTune" fell apart I decided totemporarily stop producing music
- I got back to normal life - i got "mortal" again...:-)
- I was also good in this - ... until a serious sanitary accident occured
- In autumn 2005 my life and everything that was part of it got extinguished in no time
- Now i am standing at the threshold of a new experience:
>Instead of dying, I would try to form something unique beautiful that will be beyond words<
- Let me know if you experienced that feeling coming across my Homepage - then i know i succeeded

Facts of my life:

- Favourite Food : Pizzas, Enchilladas, Chicken Sweets Souer ecc.
- Hobbies: 66 % Sun worshiper, 33% Party-animal; to be a true good friend; bring music to your life
- Loves: Harmony; stunning & lovely woman // Hates: People telling lies, Politicians
- Zodiac Sign: Lion
- Timeline: 33 Years
- Alone in the dark....

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