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Homepage's got online on 25th of January 2011 !

Dear User, welcome to my Dreamportal...

I'm proud to announce my new homepage and
I hope that you will enjoy the content. Since i'm more
in hospital then elsewhere i hope i can post anyway cool
features & news at frequent intvervals.


PS: German Homepage will come up soon /
Deutsche Homepage wird bald auch raufgeladen

Latest YOUTUBE-Video (as per feb. 2011)


Latest Sound-Track: ("Prologue") / > Coming Soon...

This is a Flash-MP3-Player. This feature is unfortunately not accessible by IPhone, IPod (Touch) or IPad. The Songs will be therefore soon made accessible by YouTube-Videos also embedded in this Homepage. The embedded Videos will finally work with IPhone, IPod (Touch) and IPad (-Safari-Browser) in order to get the Sound also to my Mobil-User-Community. Enjoy !

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